Dancing with Veselo as Coronavirus fades away

We are dancing together!  Sunday evenings, 7:15-9:30 pm at In Shape Athletic Club, admission $3 (this increases to $4 on January 1, 2022).

At this time we require the following. We continue to monitor the situation and adjust accordingly:

  1. Proof of Covid vaccination completed by two weeks before you attend.
  2. That all attendees wear masks covering the mouth and nose while at InShape (or the Vets Club, in the case of the Festival).

Same requirements apply for the Veselo Festival, coming up in person on January 22-23, 2022 with Ahmet Lüleci.


  • Ahmet will not wear a mask while actively teaching, so that we may hear and see clearly, but he will be more than 6 feet away from the dancers.
  • Live musicians, including singing teachers, may remove their masks.
  • All may remove masks briefly while eating and drinking but must replace them promptly afterward.

Updated December 3, 2021