All are welcome to join us for monthly Balkan and other international singing

First performance of singing group Sukmance. Tasker Houston, Ann Rasmussen, Janet Moelzer, Sally Jenkins, Holly Swisher, Casey Janz.

Next Sing-Along

Sing-Along, Wednesday, June 12, 2019, location TBA

7:15 arrive to chat, 7:30 start to sing!

Further likely dates, mark your calendar (hosts TBD):

Wed, July 10

Wed, August 14

Wed, September 11

Wed, October 9

Wed, November 13

Location rotates; contact Sally Jenkins for more information.

Complete Song List
Singing Group History

Song Lyrics: has large-print lyrics for hundreds of songs.

Veselo Song Book has lyrics carefully matched to the recordings we most often dance to. If you spot errors, please let us know! Click on "Complete Song List" above, or scroll down, to get these lyrics. Last updated April 2019.

Please print lyrics for your own personal songbook!

Song List

About This Songbook

Ağır Halay Turkey
Ajde Jano Serbia/Macedonia
Ajshino Oro Albania
Aux Champs Élysées USA
Bitola Macedonia
Brezovska Râčenica Bulgaria
Češma Šarena Bulgaria/Macedonia
Četvorno Šopsko Horo Bulgaria
Ciganko Serbia
Çobankat Albania
Dafino Vino Bulgaria
Debarska Svadba Macedonia
Dobar Večer Croatia
Dobra Nevesto Bulgaria
Draganinata Bulgaria
Dve Nevesti Bulgaria
Elerinka Bulgaria
Eyiya Turkey (Black Sea)
Gaitani Greece
Glava Li Ta Boli Bulgaria
Gori More Serbia
Gül Aliye (Güldaniyem) Turkey
Haskovsko (Indze Prez) Bulgaria
Horehronský Čardáš Slovakia
Hoy Memo Kurdish
I Trata Greece
Idam Ne Idam Bulgaria/Macedonia
Imate Li Vino Macedonia
In John's Garden Romania
İnaduna, revised Jan 2019 Turkey
Indijski Čoček (Na khelav) Macedonian Rom
Ivanica Macedonia
Jano Janke Macedonia
Jovano, Jovanke Macedonia
Kalenin Dibinde Turkey
Karamfil Bulgaria
Ketri, Ketri Hungarian Roma
Kjustendilska Râčenica Bulgaria
Kori Mi Paringile Greece
Koritsa Albania
Kostursko Oro Macedonia
Kune Bulgaria
Le Laridé (Tri Martolod) Brittany
Lea Muşat Armîna Aromân
Legnala Dana Macedonia
Lepa Moja Milena Croatia
Lesnoto Medley (NAMA) Macedonia
Ličko Kolo Croatia
Lisavo Macedonia
Makedonsko Devojče Macedonia
Mâri Marijko Bulgaria
Minka Bulgaria
More Sokol Pie Macedonia
Mori Shej Hungarian Roma
Myatalo Lenche Bulgaria
Nabrala Je Croatia
Narino Turkey (Laz)
Ne Klepeći Bosnia
Niška Banja Serbia
'Ola Ta Melachriná Greece
Opa Cupa Serbian Roma
Opsa Serbia
Pet Je Kumi Croatia
Pevano Kolo Croatia
Phiravelman Kalyi Phuv Macedonian Roma
Pitat Me, Mamo Bulgaria (Pirin)
Prsten Mi Padna Macedonia
Pustono Ludo i Mlado Bulgaria
Radujte Se Narodi Croatia
Sâbrali Sa Se, Sâbrali Bulgaria
Sadi Moma Bulgaria
Šano Dušo Serbia
Siriul Buzău Romania
Somogyi Karikázo Hungary
Srečna Ljubov Macedonia
Što Mi e Milo Macedonia
Szerelem, Szerelem Hungary
Tankosava Serbia
Tino Mori Macedonia
Tou Paradeisou Lemonia Greece
Trava, Trava Greece
Trûgnala Rumjana Bulgaria (Pirin)
Turkish Ramo Ramo Turkey
Valle Pogonishtë Albania
Vrapčeto (Vrabčeto) Bulgaria
Yağmur Yağar Turkey
Yar Ko Parag Armenia
Žalna Majka Macedonia

Singing Group History


singing_group1_cThe singing group now known as The Eugene Folkdance Singers started in August 2014, when the Willamalane Adult Activity Center in Springfield closed for annual maintenance. That’s where the Eugene Folk Dancers, a separate dance group, meet on Tuesdays. Many of the Veselo folk dancers also dance there regularly.


Having a Tuesday with no dance scheduled inspired Sally to suggest using that night for singing, and we met at a dancer’s home to learn some songs. Janet led us through the pronunciations and we practiced several songs. At the Eugene Folk Dancers’ summer picnic later that month a few songs were performed by a group calling itself The Sukmans, after a word in one of the songs. Janet, Sally, Casey, Ann, and Tasker sang Sabrali Sa Se Sabrali; Mori Shej; and Sto Mi e Milo. Janet, being the only one who could sing and dance at the same time, led the dance lines, while the rest of us sang a capella.



singing_group2_cWe got together to sing only sporadically after that, but enough to figure out we really enjoyed singing. Beginning in September 2015 we started singing almost every month, each time at a different singer’s home. Snacks after singing figured strongly in the first few months, but that tapered off, and now we just sing.


singing_group3_cA big challenge was, and will continue to be, finding the right balance between singing just for fun, one song after another; and singing for optimum musical effect, with harmonies and dynamics. Sally is the organizer/notifier and Janet might be considered the “artistic director,” by choosing the songs each month (though that is subject to change). She is also our main helper for pronunciation. Since Maria and Katya, both natives of Bulgaria, began singing with us, we can rely on them for Bulgarian pronunciation. Mary takes classes in the Turkish language, and can guide our pronunciation there. In addition, we listen to the recordings and do our best to match what we hear.


A special bonus to the group is the inclusion of musicians Winnie Kerner, Ruth Anne Fraley, and Nora Holmquist. They are valuable resources as we learn parts and solidify rhythms. We have such great people singing!



singing_group4_cJanet chose songs for which we know the dances. Over time, we hope that our group can sing for dancers; and/or that we can sing while we dance. As it is, when one of “our” songs comes up on the dance program, some of us elect to dance and others elect to sing; Janet is still the only one who can do both at the same time, but more of us will get there eventually!


In spring 2016 we started thinking about a group name, and in June we settled on the highly descriptive Eugene Folkdance Singers. We sing once a month, usually on a weeknight, at a singer’s home. All are welcome!!